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Garlic Bread - $13.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten, milk.

In house made garlic bread. Toasted sliced baguette covered

in herb and garlic butter

 Add cheese: $3.00


Breadbasket - $18.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten

A selection of breads served with butter, olive oil and jam


TG Fried Chicken - $25.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten, milk, egg, soy

The classic TG fried chicken accompanied by sweet chilli and aioli on the side.


Beetroot Ravioli - $20.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten, milk, egg, soy

Homemade raviolis with cream cheese and herb

filling, served on a bed of fresh baby spinach. Garnished with aioli and

beetroot powder. Served with four.


Chicken Skin - $25.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten

Six pieces of chicken skin fried with a crispy coating,

garnished with spring onion and pomegranate molasses.


Arancini Mash Balls - $20.00

Contains: Milk

Three arancini balls. Made of mashed potato, bacon, onion rolled in gluten free crumbs

served with a parmesan cheese sauce.



Seafood Chowder - $25.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten, milk, fish, crustacea, mollusc

Medley of New Zealand seafood in a creamy soup with herbs.

Served with buffet rolls and butter.

(Gluten free available)


Soup Of the Week - $20.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten

Chefs’ choice of soup, served with buffet rolls and butter.

Please ask wait staff for more information and ingredients.

(Gluten free available)


Chicken Carbonara - $30.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten, milk

Fried chicken pieces marinated, sliced mushroom,

 bacon and spaghetti pasta combined in a creamy sauce.


TG Burger - $30.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten, milk, egg, soy

Your choice of either a 150gm juicy beef & onion patty or chicken breast patty,

cheese slice, tomato slice, mesclun, bacon and onion jam in a grilled bun.

Served with kumara wedges, tomato sauce and aioli.

(Gluten and dairy free available)


Blue Cod - $40.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten, fish, soy, egg

Your choice of pan fried or tempura battered blue cod.

Served with a green salad, fries, lemon wedge and tartare.

(Gluten free available)


Salmon - $40.00

Contains: Milk

Grilled fillet served with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and molasses sauce.

Garnished with beetroot powder and radish cress.

(Dairy free available)

Cauliflower Steak - $30.00

Contains: Milk

Two slices of cauliflower steaks seasoned with paprika & Cajun

spices on a creamy smooth cauliflower puree.

Garnished with baby spinach and drizzled chimichurri sauce.


Beef Wellington - $48.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten, milk, egg

Eye fillet steak and mushroom duxelles rolled in a savory crepe

and flaky puff pastry. Cooked medium-rare to medium,

 served on top of creamy mashed potatoes and a side of gravy.


Lamb Shank - $35.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten, milk

Marinated lamb shanks covered in braising gravy served with a

 bulgur wheat salad and herbed gourmet potatoes.


Beef Stroganoff - $35.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten

Beef pieces in a savory sauce served with rice and grilled buffet rolls.

Garnished with pickled gherkin


Sharing Meat Platter - $100.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten, egg, soy

Two pork ribs, two racks of lamb, two lamb koftas, one grilled chicken

breast and beef striploin. Served with fries, salad, sauces and tortillas,

garnished with grilled chilli and lavosh pieces.


Create a meal that suits you! Choose one of each.

Extra sides are $9 each and Extra Sauce is $3 each.


400gm Beef ribeye - $55.00

200gm Beef eye-fillet -$45.00

Pork Ribs - $38.00


Creamy mashed potato*

Green Salad


Grilled seasonal vegetables

Gourmet potatoes



Mushroom sauce*

Garlic butter*

Peppercorn sauce

All items with ‘*’ contain milk

If you have any dietary requirements and/or questions, please let your waiter/waitress know.

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