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Black Forest Sundae - $18.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten, milk

Your choice of either vanilla or chocolate ice cream layered with cherry,

 pear and vanilla compote, chocolate biscuit crumb and whipped cream,

topped with chocolate sauce.


Cheesecake - $18.00

Contains: Milk

Chefs’ choice of cheesecake, served with whipped cream and garnish.

Please ask wait staff for ingredients/allergen info.


Affagato (18+) - $20.00

Contains: Milk

Vanilla ice cream accompanied by a single shot espresso and a double shot of liqueur of your choice.

GF Blueberry Crumble - $18.00

Contains: Milk

Served with a jug of pouring custard and vanilla ice cream.


Apple Pie - $18.00

Contains: Wheat, gluten

Served with pouring custard, vanilla ice cream and

garnished with dried raspberries.

If you have any dietary requirements and/or questions, please let your waiter/waitress know.

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